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Rails = Great!

Posted by dnite on July 13, 2006

I’ve recently ‘lost’ my developer blog, and since I don’t update here nearly enough.. I figured I would just add my development news here.. Enjoy!

Last time I left off, I was just starting to learn Ruby on Rails. That was months ago and I’ll tell you up front, it wasn’t the easiest thing I could do. I’ve spent most of my programming life in a very procedural mind set and to have to branch off from it completely and work on a totally object oriented language in a MVC framework, I can just say that it wasn’t easy.

The good news, though, is that I’ve finally started to get it! I, originally, was planning on making a huge, big, awesome site with Rails as my first project. Jump in head first, i said. The problem was, that the learning curve was so steep for me that I had no idea where to start. So I had to change my course and work on a smaller project first. This one’s just for fun. Pretty much the only thing I want to take out of making this smaller site is a better understanding of Rails syntax and everything else. Today was a milestone because I finally work a basic user authentication system implimented and working all on my own. I could have used a generator or a plugin and probably gotten more features and everything else. But what would I learn from that? So I learned quite a bit just by getting that working and things are starting to speed up and look much more promising. So hopefully I’ll have a fully functional site up and running in a week or 2.

That’s about all I got to say for now. I’ll keep this page up to date on whatever I’m working on or if I just feel like blabbing about something (like today). Stay tuned, because if I need beta testers or any other help I’ll definitely be posting here.


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