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Acid 2 test results…

Posted by dnite on December 28, 2006

Today, while very bored, I decided to give Firefox 3 a download. To my surprise, a brand new build was released on this very day! Lucky times for me! This got me thinking about the acid 2 test that I had recently read about firefox 3 passing. I knew they had passed the test after they released the last alpha release of firefox 3, but this was a brand new release so I had to test it out. Instead of just sharing the results of firefox 3, I decided to grab the latest release of firefox as well as Opera 9.10. I’m running Ubuntu Linux (6.10, Edgy), so I’ll also be sharing Internet Explorer 7‘s ‘results’ from inside VMware. Click any of the images to view them at their full resolution.

The first browser I opened up and tried was The latest Firefox most of you are probably using right now. Firefox was released shortly ago which is essentially just a few bug fixes and a vulnerability plug. Definately not the best results. You might be able to tell that it’s supposed to be a face, but that’s about it.

Firefox Acid 2 Test

Firefox 3 was next. I was excited about this one because it should have passed the test. But sadly, it did not. It came really, really close. But not quite. My only guess is that the new gecko engine changes didn’t make it into the this newest build? Not sure, but still impressive results.

Firefox 3 Alpha2 Pre Acid 2 Test

Next came Opera. I had read a while back that Opera had passed the acid 2 test, but I never actually tested it. It was true. Opera passed with flying colors. This is what the test is supposed to look like for those of you who’ve never seen the test.

Opera 9.10 Acid 2 Test

The next was just for my own entertainment. Internet Explorer 7. I went out of my way to load up my virtual machine to test this one but, my lord, I didn’t think it was going to be this bad. Can anyone tell me what this is? Or maybe how Microsoft feels they are more standards compliant than they were before Internet Explorer 7? I didn’t want to go through the trouble of getting a version of IE6 running, so I just hunted down a picture of what it’s test looked like, it’s not much better. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt and noticed the souce for the test doesn’t contain a strict doctype, so I changed it and still got the same results. The only difference that strict made was the scroll bars didn’t appear.

Internet Explorer 7 Acid 2 Results

There we have it. The few popular browsers I was able to test pretty quickly. The only browser I would have liked to include but couldn’t, was Safari. I need to get me a mac. Who wants to send me a macbook pro so I can post the results of the acid 2 test?? Donations welcome! x=)


2 Responses to “Acid 2 test results…”

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  2. gus said

    For Safari results (actually from a developer, look here:


    I’m not sure if these are in the core yet, this was completed a long time ago now.

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