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Self Referential Two Way Friends Ruby on Rails Plugin

Posted by dnite on January 26, 2007

UPDATE (3/08/2007) :: I’ve moved my blog and this plugin (an updated version at that) over to http://blog.dnite.org. If you want more information and would also like to download it, head over there. That’s where I’ll be residing from now on.


5 Responses to “Self Referential Two Way Friends Ruby on Rails Plugin”

  1. kain said

    hi there,
    any plans to put up a subversion repository? it would be great since it’s easy to release update and keep an eye on it.

    keep up the good work

  2. kain said

    I’ve set up this plugin, here’s what I have so far:

    >> @user = User.find(1)
    => #"77888ba4264ad75d7119a30fb11b6d361a33a85a", "activated_at"=>"2007-02-18 20:04:03", "updated_at"=>"2007-02-20 11:54:12", "crypted_password"=>"2fecb7720f944aa38dc2c37437e3554e5c5f7047", "activation_code"=>nil, "remember_token_expires_at"=>"2007-03-06 10:54:12", "group_id"=>"1", "id"=>"1", "remember_token"=>"166712a19a13f02434c943e4232ee64bc3934fdd", "login"=>"kain", "created_at"=>"2007-02-18 21:03:36", "email"=>"masterkain@gmail.xxx"}>
    >> @friend = User.find(2)
    => #"773980d0100a7695412ec2bc574adf7bf28ed9ff", "activated_at"=>"2007-02-18 20:18:48", "updated_at"=>"2007-02-20 13:29:15", "crypted_password"=>"4f26d4e01f5ffce2f9f5846afcfa33c5b93e6931", "activation_code"=>nil, "remember_token_expires_at"=>"2007-03-06 12:29:15", "group_id"=>"2", "id"=>"2", "remember_token"=>"5e5a1717739318168794e3c6b504196cf42834a2", "login"=>"elair", "created_at"=>"2007-02-18 21:18:38", "email"=>"elair@elair.xxx"}>
    >> @user.is_friends_with(@friend)
    => #>, @friendshipped=#"77888ba4264ad75d7119a30fb11b6d361a33a85a", "activated_at"=>"2007-02-18 20:04:03", "updated_at"=>"2007-02-20 11:54:12", "crypted_password"=>"2fecb7720f944aa38dc2c37437e3554e5c5f7047", "activation_code"=>nil, "remember_token_expires_at"=>"2007-03-06 10:54:12", "group_id"=>"1", "id"=>"1", "remember_token"=>"166712a19a13f02434c943e4232ee64bc3934fdd", "login"=>"kain", "created_at"=>"2007-02-18 21:03:36", "email"=>"masterkain@gmail.com"}, @friends_for_me=[]>, @attributes={"accepted_at"=>Tue Feb 20 14:12:06 +0100 2007, "updated_at"=>Tue Feb 20 14:12:06 +0100 2007, "id"=>1, "user_id"=>1, "friend_id"=>2}, @befriendshipped=#"773980d0100a7695412ec2bc574adf7bf28ed9ff", "activated_at"=>"2007-02-18 20:18:48", "updated_at"=>"2007-02-20 13:29:15", "crypted_password"=>"4f26d4e01f5ffce2f9f5846afcfa33c5b93e6931", "activation_code"=>nil, "remember_token_expires_at"=>"2007-03-06 12:29:15", "group_id"=>"2", "id"=>"2", "remember_token"=>"5e5a1717739318168794e3c6b504196cf42834a2", "login"=>"elair", "created_at"=>"2007-02-18 21:18:38", "email"=>"elair@elair.org"}>>
    >> @user.is_friends_with?(2)
    => false
    >> @user.is_friends_with?(@friend)
    => false
    >> @user.friends
    => []

    what’s wrong here?

  3. Skiz said

    Strange indeed. I have provided this same plugin for a little less than a year now. It is available at http://svn.webwideconsulting.com/svn/friendship_plugin/
    We have been using it for several months in production, and on several sites, it works very well. (I also work with ReinH on a daily basis)

  4. dnite said

    @kain: I may throw up a subversion repo in the near future after I refactor and rename the plugin. Also, if you post the code u used to impliment the plugin, i might have a better understanding about what’s not working right there. (sorry for the delay in reply, your comment originally got marked as spam)

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